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The History of Tyax and Area

This Land Has a History of Attracting Rogues, Prospectors, and Optimists

You could say BC tourism really began in 1858. Thousands took the Fraser River Gold Rush Trail north, leading Britain to officially establish of the Colony of British Columbia.

During the 1870s, a few prospectors were invited into the Bridge River Valley by Chief Hunter Jack, a First Nations leader with his own secret mine in the area. Though called the Bridge River Gold Rush, there were only forty residents during the 1890 Census, prompting the naming of one of the claims "Forty Thieves".

This all changed in the 1930s. In a seven-year period, the mines of the Bridge River produced $370,000,000 in gold. From this wealth came a complete town, with schools, churches, post office, houses, recreation halls and hunting lodges.

Bralorne has since gone from boomtown to ghost town, but is on the rebound with the reopening of the Bralorne Gold mine in 2011. Learn more about the history of Bralorne.

In Search of Deeper Adventure.

Fast-forward to the 1980’s. Pioneer guide and adventurer Herb Bluer began heli-skiing operations in the South Chilcotin Mountains and quickly saw an even greater opportunity.

Founded in 1991, TLH Heliskiing built a reputation for offering world-class adventure in the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

After nearly two decades of success, Tyax came under new ownership in 2009, merging with Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa, and bringing the best of both worlds together to provide a seamless boutique heli-ski resort experience.

Refining the Wilderness Experience

Tyax Lodge BC Canada

In 2010, Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa underwent a major renovation, maintaining the original log structure and completely refurbishing it to a new standard of mountain luxury. New guest facilities  were added and major updates were made to the spa and kitchen.

Single Group Heli-skiing and Unlimited Vertical were also added to the program, giving TLH a combination of advantages that place us among the world's finest heli-skiing operations. Now a full service outdoor adventure resort, TLH Heliskiing at Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa celebrated its third decade of operations, building on a rich history and ready for the even greater rush for adventure ahead.

A New Name & Logo!

Tyax Lodge and Heliskiing Logo

In 2017, we updated our name and logo to further unify our family of tourism products. We have now brought TLH Heliskiing together with Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa to officially become Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing. Read more about our name and logo updates at our blog.

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