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The Soul of Rossignol

Rossignol has always been at the forefront of the ski industry. The French company, now located in Isere, has a long list of ski 'firsts'.  It is this constant experimenting, this desire to always improve the skiers experience that have helped Rossignol design some of the world's most favored skis. Old Factory Rossi

A skilled carpenter, Abel Rossignol was only 21 when he first opened his workshop at the base of Chartreuse Mountains, near Grenoble, back in 1903. From there, he developed tools for the growing textile industry, and a love for the alpine.  In 1906, when the Alpine Club of France was given responsibility for developing the sport of skiing, they set out to meet in Montgenèvre. The event proved wildly popular and was attended by alpine enthusiasts from across Europe, including Rossignol.  Also present was the French Army, who had set up their own ski school a few years prior. Immediately, Rossignol was taken by the craftsmanship behind each pair of skis. He right away set out to start building his own. One of the first lots of skis produced by Rossignol was bought by Lieutenant R.Gelinet, commander of an army post located next to his workshop.

Old Rossignol SkisRossignol’s first skis were carved from solid American Hickory or native European Ash. They were already considered top level skis, and quickly earned first prize at a manufacturing trade show in Chamonix. Even World War I proved lucrative for Rossignol, as he produced many skis for the French Army. But it wasn’t until 1924 that Rossignol made its debut in the world of competitive skiing, when he partnered up with the French ski team for the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix.  This would be the beginning of a long relationship between competitive skiing in Rossignol.Jean Vuarnet

In 1956, the company was bought by Laurent Boix-Vives and quickly turned to the international market.  Their launch coincided with the 1960 Winter Olympics, where a Frenchman won gold sporting Rossignol’s first ever all metal skis. This cemented their reputation as a leading brand for downhill skis and by 1970 Rossignol had become the world’s largest ski manufacturer. 

Rossignol SkisToday, the Rossignol brand includes ski boots, snowboards, clothing and accessory and continues to boasts an impressive reputation. Their most recent ski collection, the 7 SERIES, has proven wildly successful, and for good reasons. A follow up to the S7 ski released in the mid 2000’s, the 7 SERIES brings together backcountry, freeride and freestyle, understanding that skiers are more versatile than ever. 

For us, it’s all about the backcountry and the deep powder it is home to! And so, it is without hesitation that we provide our guest with the best skis for the conditions: Rossignol’s award winning Soul 7’s and Super 7’s. Not only has their Powder Turn Rocker been redesigned and enhanced, they also added their Award Winning (yes, they get a lot of awards!) Air Tip Technology to the 7 SERIES.

 Ok, but what does  Powder Turn Rocker and Air Tip Technology really mean? The rocker of a ski is the upward bend at the front and back. Depending on the type of skiing you are doing, there are different types of rocker:  Auto Turn, Power Turn, Powder Turn etc. It is that longer, more progressive rocker at the tip and tail (Powder Turn Rocker) that is used to deliver that effortless floatation, steering, and speed control in the deepest snow conditions.

Rossignol SkisAir Tip Technology has been introduced as a new way to design the Powder Turn Rocker.  It looks a lot like a honeycomb has been inserted at the front and back of your skis. Under light, you can clearly see its outline and it   becomes apparent why it is called ‘Air Tip’. Because of the multiple air bubbles built in, the tip of your ski becomes lighter and less dense, allowing them to stay at the surface of the snow with minimum effort on your part.

These new advancements can seem like a bit of a gimmick…until you try it! Since their release last year they have been named: Outside Magazine’s Gear of the year, Mountain Magazine’s Best Powder ski, Freeskier's Editor pick, Ski magazine’s Gold medal gear, and on and on! We are proud to provide our guests with such high quality skis, as we know it will enable them to carve some of the best tracks of their lives!

Rossignol Soul 7 Editor's Choice 2014

Posted: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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