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No waiting. No limits. No equals

3rdtimeNo waiting. No limits. No equals

One group per helicopter and unlimited vertical put Tyax Lodge & Heliskiing on top

Imagine vast stretches of untracked powder, epic glacier descents and endless gladed forest runs. With a helicopter you can access untouched terrain that resort-bound skiers can only dream of. With your own helicopter at your group’s exclusive disposal from first run to last you can reach further, faster and never have to wait around while it shuttles other groups back and forth.

That’s the beauty of one helicopter per group. You truly are masters of your own alpine domain.

Add unlimited vertical for the entire duration of your stay into the mix – think all you can ski or ride, without limits – and you’ve got a program is unrivaled in the Canadian heli-ski industry. That’s right. Nobody else offers the unbeatable combination of one group per helicopter AND unlimited vertical – standard in every Tyax Heliski package we offer.

Pic 2 (1)The power of one

 We only ever have one group per helicopter. That’s just 10 guests and 2 guides in a Bell 210. No waiting for the helicopter to pick up some other crowd. It’s like having your own airborne limousine  – and driver. One group per helicopter also allows you to ski at your own pace, never pressured to keep up with other groups sharing your bird.  Our clients regularly rave about this erk.

Private experience without the cost

Get 10 friends together and it’s like having your own private helicopter for the standard package price.Compare this to our competitors, some of whom offer private helicopters that cost upwards of  $17,000- $22,000 per person for a 7 day package.That’s nearly double the cost for the same experience.

Initial 3

Total Flexibility 

However long you can join us, you’re welcome. We offer packages for 7,5,4 and 3 days of skiing. None of our competitors offer a 3-day package, which is a perfect adventure addition to a Whistler vacation.

Pic 4No limits, no problem

Our Unlimited Vertical policy means we give you all the skiing we can, every day. Guaranteed. No extra billing no matter how many turns you carve. Should you be unable to ski/ride due to weather or mechanical issues, you get a refund based on the unused portion of your guarantee.

Pic 5

Ski More, Save more

These days, fast heli-ski groups in good condition can   sometime ski 170,000 vertical feet or 52,000M in an average  week. That adds up to an additional $2560.00 in extra vertical  charges, based on the standard 100,000 vertical feet package  limit.

 Wondering if our Unlimited vertical policy might mean putting  the brakes on from time to time? Not a chance. Our guides are  passionate skiers as well as top professionals and they will  accept nothing less than you getting as much skiing and riding  vertical in as you can handle, every day, all day.

Size matters

Still unsure? These figures are posted on the websites of three of our competitors. Extra vertical charges are calculated @ 135 per 1000m. You do the math.


7 Day Package

Groups per Helicopter

Guaranteed Vertical

Average Vertical

Extra Vertical

Tyax Heliskiing



109,000 ft

33,200 m

145,000 ft

44,200 m


Company “A”



100,000 ft.

30,500 m

135,000 ft.

41,200 m


Company “B”



100,000 ft.

30,500 m

140,000 ft.

42,700 m


Company “C”



100,000 ft.

30,500 m

120,000 ft.

36,500 m


Pic 7

Photography: Randy Lincks / Andrew Doran

Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Photos by Randy Lincks, Andrew Doran & Conny Amelunxen

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