2019 Heliskiing Prices Canada

2019 Heliskiing Prices & Dates

2019 Heliskiing Package rates include:

Rates include unlimited vertical heliskiing, all transfers from Vancouver or Whistler, accommodation at Tyax Lodge, all gourmet meals, non-alcoholic beverages (excluding specialty drinks), professional guiding services, the use of avalanche safety equipment, the use of powder skis and poles, and the use of all resort facilities and recreation equipment.

Last Update: Fri. Mar. 8, 2019, at 5:05 PM (PST).  All rates are per person and in Canadian funds.

Please note package rates do not include applicable taxes.


7 Day Signature Packages

19-03-07Jan 11, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST
19-04-07AJan 18, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST
19-04-07BJan 18, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST
19-05-07AJan 25, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST
19-05-07BJan 25, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST
19-06-07Feb 1, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-07-07Feb 8, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-08-07AFeb 15, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-08-7BFeb 15, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-08-7CFeb 15, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-09-07AFeb 22, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-09-07BFeb 22, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-10-07Mar 1, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-11-07Mar 8, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-12-07Mar 15, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-13-07AMar 22, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-13-07BMar 22, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-14-07AMar 29, 2019$14,350WAIT LIST
19-14-07BMar 29, 2019$13,632WAIT LIST

5 Day Signature Packages

19-02-05Jan 12, 2019$10,212WAIT LIST
19-03-05 Jan 17, 2019$10,212WAIT LIST
19-04-05Jan 22, 2019$10,212WAIT LIST
19-05-05Jan 27, 2019$10,212WAIT LIST
19-06-5AFeb 1, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-06-5BFeb 1, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-07-5AFeb 6, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-07-5BFeb 6, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-08-05Feb 11, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-09-05Feb 16, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-10-05Feb 21, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-11-05Feb 26, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-12-05Mar 3, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-13-5AMar 8, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-13-5BMar 8, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-14-5AMar 13, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-14-5BMar 13, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-15-05Mar 18, 2019$10,7502 Seats Available
19-16-05Mar 23, 2019$10,750WAIT LIST
19-17-05Mar 28, 2019$10,212WAIT LIST

4 Day Signature Packages

19-03-04Jan 14, 2019$8,321WAIT LIST
19-04-04Jan 21, 2019$8,321WAIT LIST
19-05-04Jan 28, 2019$8,321WAIT LIST
19-06-04Feb 4, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-07-4AFeb 11, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-07-4BFeb 11, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-08-04Feb 18, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-09-04Feb 22, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-10-04Mar 4, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-11-04Mar 11, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-12-04Mar 18, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-13-04Mar 25, 2019$8,750WAIT LIST
19-14-04Apr 1, 2019$8,321WAIT LIST

3 Day Signature Packages

19-03-03Jan 11, 2019 $6,460WAIT LIST
19-04-03Jan 18, 2019 $6,460WAIT LIST
19-05-03Jan 25, 2019 $6,460WAIT LIST
19-06-03Feb 1, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-07-03Feb 8, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-08-03Feb 15, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-9A-03Feb 22, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-9B-03Feb 26, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-10-03Mar 1, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-11-03Mar 8, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-12-03Mar 15, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-13-03Mar 22, 2019$6,800WAIT LIST
19-14-03Mar 26, 2019 $6,46010 Seats Available

Small Group & Private Platinum

Private Small Group (7 Day)

[Tyax Lodge (L) or Private Chalet (C)] Heli Ski Packages

19-03-SJan 11, 2019WAIT LIST
19-04-SJan 18, 2019WAIT LIST
19-05-SJan 25, 2019WAIT LIST
19-06-SFeb 1, 2019WAIT LIST
19-07-SFeb 8, 2019WAIT LIST
19-08-SFeb 15, 2019WAIT LIST
19-09-SFeb 22, 2019WAIT LIST
19-10-SMar 1, 2019WAIT LIST
19-11-SMar 8, 2019WAIT LIST
19-12-SMar 15, 2019WAIT LIST
19-13-SMar 22, 2019WAIT LIST
19-14-SMar 29, 2019CONTACT US

Private Platinum (7 Day)

19-03-PJan 11, 2019WAIT LIST
19-04-PJan 18, 2019WAIT LIST
19-05-PJan 25, 2019WAIT LIST
19-06-PFeb 1, 2019WAIT LIST
19-07-PFeb 8, 2019WAIT LIST
19-08-PFeb 15, 2019WAIT LIST
19-09-PFeb 22, 2019WAIT LIST
19-10-PMar 1, 2019WAIT LIST
19-11-PMar 8, 2019WAIT LIST
19-12-PMar 15, 2019WAIT LIST
19-13-PMar 22, 2019WAIT LIST
19-14-PMar 29, 2019CONTACT US

Looking for Next Season?


  • CONTACT US = Available to book, please email sales@tyax.com
  • # Seats = e.g. 8 Seats, highlights the number of seats available to book (maximum 10 per helicopter)
  • Booking pending = We have placed seats on hold and are in the process of securing a deposit. If there is a number specified e.g. (6 Seats Pending) then this refers to the number of seats on a signature tour, as opposed to a whole helicopter with a private group. Please still email if you have interest in these seats, so we can get in touch straight away if they get released.
  • WAIT LIST = A booking is in place and a deposit has been received. If you are interested in the dates then you are welcome to express interest and be put on a wait list in case we have a cancellation.

Please Note

  • The rates are subject to change without notice
  • Rates are based on double occupancy in a room with two Queen beds
  • Single room upgrades are available at a nightly rate of $130 CDN plus tax
  • $1,500 CDN Non-Refundable Deposit is Due Upon Booking for Signature Packages
    or 20% CDN Non-Refundable Deposit Due for Small Groups and Platinum Packages
  • Insurance is highly recommended by Tyax Lodge and Heliskiing and can be purchased through Lifestyle Insurance.  Review the Lifestyle Insurance coverage details.
  • Still not sure how Single Group Heliskiing or Unlimited Vertical can improve your trip? Just ask our staff. We will be happy to explain how both these industry leading concepts will provide the best heliskiing experience for you and your friends.
  • If you are interested in a heliski package outside of our published package dates, between December and April, please contact us at sales@tyax.com.


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